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Customs and International Trade Expertise and Services

The customs lawyers at Ladner & Associates are experienced experts in various practice areas.

Import Compliance and Enforcement. Our customs and international trade attorneys are dedicated to helping you achieve the following goals:

  • Maximize Duty Savings
    • Develop and implement innovative, cost-effective strategies, including transfer pricing, indirect tax optimization, "first sale" opportunities and unbundling of costs
    • Assess and develop procedures to improve supply chain operations, including agreements with customs brokers, freight forwarders and transportation providers to achieve greater efficiency
    • Design policies to maximize participation in appropriate U.S. and foreign government duty savings programs, including Drawback, Foreign Trade Zones, Freeports, and the Customs Entry Reconciliation Program, and government preference programs such as NAFTA, GSP, and U.S. Free Trade Agreements
    • Develop procedures to enhance participation in U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) programs, such as Port Account Management, the Automated Commercial Environment (ACE), quota preprocessing and recordkeeping compliance programs
  • Minimize Duty Liability
    • Develop compliance manuals and conduct training
    • Perform internal and external audits of processes affecting export or import compliance
    • Address issues concerning participation in Foreign Trade Zones (FTZs) and Generalized System of Preference (GSP)
    • Evaluate and develop comprehensive compliance programs
    • Register and comply with C-TPAT, FAST, ISA, and similar programs
    • Design and implement technology-related protections, including protection of U.S.-originated technology from disclosure to foreign entities
    • Advise concerning trademark and copyright protection from CBP
    • Develop appropriate strategies to overcome systemic and external trade barriers, such as quotas, antidumping and countervailing duty concerns
    • Identify and resolve issues involving Ocean Shipping Reforms
    • Assess and create appropriate procedures for meeting monetary reporting and recordkeeping requirements
    • Ensure compliance with Aircraft and CBP’s G.A.T.E. Program
  • Identify and Resolve Customs and Border Security Issues
    • Request binding rulings and protest errors by Customs
    • Resolve liquidated damages claims, importer/exporter/broker penalties and civil seizures, including administrative detention, seizure and forfeiture proceedings, and contesting of the imposition of fines and penalties
    • Advise and represent clients concerning CBP Focused Assessments, compliance audits, alleged entry violations, and CBP summonses and other subpoenas
    • Counsel and represent clients concerning denial, revocation or suspension of CBP licenses and permits, as well as detentions and diversions
    • Resolve bonded warehouse, customs bonds and customs house broker issues, as well as matters involving centralized examination stations and known suppliers
    • Advise on country-of-origin marking and labeling issues, textile transshipment and shippers’ export declarations, and NAFTA Certificates of Origin
    • Counsel and represent clients who are the targets of federal agency inquiries and investigations, including Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms alleged violations, FDA matters, and NAFTA claims and audits
    • Handle matters involving appraised value, merchandise classification, quantity discrepancies and royalties/license fees
    • Analyze inter-company transfer pricing between related parties, first sale and sales for exportation, and proceeds of sale issues
    • Ensure proper recordkeeping and compliance through internal controls and creation of policies and procedures
    • Protect intellectual property rights
    • Resolve filing fees and remote location filing issues
    • Render advice and representation in government claims of fraud (civil and criminal), gross negligence, and negligence actions
    • Create, review, and audit export policies, processes, and procedures
    • Classify inbound and outbound merchandise (HTSUS, Schedule B, ECCN)

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