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Import Compliance Export Compliance FCPA Compliance Training

Training Programs & Services

The experienced customs and export compliance attorneys at Ladner & Associates offer training on an extensive slate of trade compliance topics.

Training topics include:

FCPA Compliance –Law, Recent Cases and Best Practices
Surviving Customs Audits / Focused Assessments
Customs Import Requirements
Export Controls – BIS, OFAC, DDTC & DOJ
Understanding Customs Penalty Schemes
Classification for Products, parts and material components
Foreign Trade Zones - Basics, Advantages and Utilization
Customs Valuation – Royalties, Assists, Pre-Payments
NAFTA Determination, Qualification and Recordkeeping
Country of Origin Determinations and Marking
Export Compliance –Basic Control Laws
Export Licensing and Commodity Jurisdictions
Sanctions and Embargoes
Antiboycott – Commerce and IRS
C-TPAT : What, How and Should I Join
ISA: How to Get There


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